Tim & Rob Centineo, aka ‘Centineo’, is a household name in the making.


A rarity in the music industry: A True Artist, executing all facets of the creative/production process (Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer) independently with sophistication, flair, and profundity.


An encompassing ideology the brothers live by/their mantra: R.A.T.D.O.T.L. (Rage Against The Dying Of The Light) is the belief in maintaining your inner child and ability to just BE in the world. To stop settling in your life, disregard societal pressures/materialism, believe anything is possible and pursue what makes you happy until you obtain the life you want. Their passion and belief in this idea bleeds into and can be heard in their music.

The two brothers, hailing from New Jersey, have flaunted and established their uplifting progressive style over the years garnering support from industry titans (David Guetta, Hardwell and many more), topping Beatport charts, circulating on Sirius XM Radio, releasing on top labels such as Revealed Recordings and racking up hundreds of thousands of streams through their independent releases.


After years of exercising their dance music acumen, the duo set their sights on new horizons - to not only produce the music, but to incorporate themselves and their own stories into the music while demonstrating their Pop sensibility.


After taking a year sabbatical to explore, develop and reinvent their sound - the Centineo brothers have returned, locked and loaded.


With a rapidly growing fan base and an arsenal of unreleased music on the way - 2020 proves to be the year of Centineo.


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